sábado, 25 de abril de 2009

You must be wondering what this is and we will tell you.

Think first in the 80s, the era where the rock had more success. Beatles, Rolling Stones, Ramones, Aerosmith, etc. are examples of bands that have success in this decade. Fashion that it was based, T-shirts with names of bands, phrases of their songs, their logos and cover of their album. This is the true definition of "Vintage Rock Fashion", which is based in the fashion of the'80s rock.

Now the question is, is that anyone can adopt this style? No. What I mean is that not only can get shirts for bands, put a blue jeans and an "all star", you know that combining a vintage clothes bought in a jumble with accessories that will rock your look, and above all, have attitude. After all, who has even known.

If there is but one question: COMMENTS I answer soon.

Kiss & Tshãl


Where have those pieces that you find beautiful, but is unable to use, and therefore do not know how to mix, is not it? His problems came! Here in the "Exchange-Exchange" you will see the possible replacements for its clothing stores.

Change ...
... striped top for a dress for winter
... the blouse drapes a shirt with cool prints
... Sneaker by jackboots
... leather legging with a black skinny jeans
... mini-skirt for pantaloons of sweatshirt
... top of a jacket
... for a blouse command vest maxitricô
... a vest with a jacket
... race for top rock 'n roll
... of floral blouse with a polo shirt
... of velvet bolero by jacket
... to tailor a pair of leather skirt
... an occasional slide by maxipull
... slippers by escarpins
... mini-skirt in black skinny jeans

Taste? Comments

Kiss & Tshãl

Winter 2009

World Fashion

. Étinico - The desire for escapism has references to various cultures. Japan, Africa, Nordic countries and the Apache Indians are among the inpirações.

.Artesanal - Note the details: embroidery, appliqués, knitting cloth give a "Ghent made" a few collections.


.80s - Moment revival: the sexy looks and powerful to the "Thierry Mugler" again with all this tempordada.

.Sci-Fi - is the time and place of metallized fabrics in looks that seem out of the future.


.Rock, grunge, street: a street fashion catwalks and rises to leave the winter and casual.

By: Queen B.


Chanel Je t'aime

OMG! Yes, it seems that the next season's collections are based on the best designer of all time (okay, exacerbates a bit). "Chanel Je t'aime" is a collection of totally based style of famous French designer, Coco Chanel (well known)। She brings clothes to waist high and marked, maxicolares, prints chess, the structured clothes, and the famous carrot pants, hats refined, scarpins, handbags and wallet style matelas, berets, shoes oxford style, and everything based on the fashion of the 80s and 90s. Chanel has said: "J'ai créé un style pour tout un monde। Recherchez dans tous les magasins le "style Chanel"। Il n'ya rien de semblable। Je suis esclave de mon style। Un style qui ne laisse pas de mode, pas de mode Chanel ." This explains everything huh?